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Latest sighting on the Thames

EUREKA – Spotted by James (July) This visit to the embankment delivered, what they came for – this rare sighting of the Angel of Promise. It was 3.30 pm. Weather was slightly overcast. The ferry was the bright yellow one that hails from Greenwich pier. After a packed day down at the Cutty Sark and Maritime Museum, browsing through the stalls at Greenwich market they stepped on to the ferry, bought a coffee and little did they know they would actually witness what could be the Angel of promise


Blogger Goggles Backon said...

I am fascinated with this phenomenon as I believe I have experienced something of the like near the river Tamar in Cornwall in 1953 whwn I was just 12.

My father, who died some 20 years ago, often told of the sighting of a strange translucent creature on the Thames, observed by his uncle Howard Kessell, whilst he was working on the original London Bridge, (now sadly in USA) which was made of granite and carved by our fine stone cutters.
Sincerely Goggles

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Blogger chris street said...

I don’t think the angel of the thames in anything to do with deaths on the river or any of those kind of things mentioned on the web site.

It occurred to me that the ancient celtic tribes of Britain named their rivers after goddesses. The rivers weren’t just water courses, they were deities and had a spiritual essence. Many votive offerings were thrown into the rivers in honour of the goddesses. Some of them, like the Batttersea Shield, are in the Museum of London.

All the British rivers were goddesses. The severn was originally Sabrina. The Thames is of course, named after Isis, the Egpytian Goddess , in various places.

Interestingly, Isis is a winged goddess. So what would an apparition of the winged goddess of the river look like ?

Could it look like an angel ?


On this same note, it is worth mentioning that I know that one of the London Druid Groves has been working with the spirit of the River a lot this last year and have invoked and blessed the river goddess.

Maybe the apparitions are the result.

This is very much the territory of my book Earthstars, The Visionary Landscape which was inspired by such visions.

So in a similar vein, it is worth mentioning the two major Earthstars energy lines through jubilee gardens.

As I said: I is the major line linking St Paul’s and Westminster Abbey. P180 of the book. It goes right through London to the King stone at Kingston on Thames.

The second Line is from Barking Abbey, Tower of London, Southwark Cathedral t Westminster: P 184/4 of the book.

With these sites it is another major line, but better still, it goes to Stonehenge and links all these London sites to it.

There’s a lot of energy in these lines and the nature of the line is both energy and spirit. When it manifests as spirit, it can take many forms.

The entire earthstars discovery was initiated by visions and apparitions of this type. In my case, as it says it the opening chapters of the visionary landscape, the apparition seen at the earthstars sites was an angelic female form of pure, radiant energy and it was this influence that identified the correct sites which formed the sacred pattern over London.

Here’s an idea though.

Why not get people to focus on a particular spot, at a particular time and see if you can invoke an apparition of the angel on cue. I’ll join in as I seem to have a tendency to see these things anyway. Get people to turn up at Jubilee gardens or the tower. And see if she puts in an appearance.

You can have a phone in response from people after to say what they saw.

Personally, I think it is the angel of London, not just the Thames.

As it says in Earthstars The Visionary Landscape;

She is the geometry, and both the energy and spirit in it.

It’s a very protective influence over the capital.

And don’t we need it these days.

Let me know what you think;

Chris street
07802 876818
Author of Earthstars The Visionary Landscape.
The Beer Guru’s Guide
And others.

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Blogger h0ax_d3m0n said...

So whats the deal with this?

Original picture:

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