Thursday, August 03, 2006

Friends of the Thames Angel

Our official mascot – terry posing as the Thames Angel

. and welcome to the friends of the Thames Angel. We are a dedicated group of supporters who get together and support the myth and legend of the Thames Angel. Currently we have 30 members but are growing by the day.

Join Us!! – We welcome anyone who wants to help keep the Angel on the Thames alive. Maybe you have seen the Angel. Maybe a friend or family member has witnessed the Angel on the Thames like me, maybe its changed your life and you want to catch up and talk about the history, the legend, recent sightings and many more.

  1. Weekly meetings – Every week we get together and chat about latest thoughts
  2. Newsletters – We ask all our members to help with our Newsletter
  3. Away Days – Every Year we plan an excusion down to the embankment
  4. Chat and forum – be part of a community celebrating the Thames Angel


Well we’ve all been waiting for them, The official T’s are here. In Thames blue with the great Artwork designed by Cheryl, Thanks cheryl these look great! If you haven’t got your order in now, then you need to get your skates on we have sizes : small 13 left. Medium 10 left. Large 3 left and no extra large sorry. We can hold on to the large for those who are willing to sign up to Diannas Diet Plan. (let us know)

Weekly meetings

Yes folks! Every week we get together to chew the fat! Bring latest thoughts to the table and have a few drinks in the process. Its the weekly catchup at the Angel. There are many questions that need to be answered every week. When Will the next signting of the Thames Angel be? Who will see it first? What does it signify? and when will Gavin pay his tab off?? If you want to join us for our catch up, just drop us a line and we will let you know where and when... In the meantime Join in: If you have an Angel pub close to you why not get together with friends and start your own mini clade.

The Thames Trip

Its been happening for years, the long awaited day “Trip to the Thames”, brings all those memories back for most of us. For new members its the event of the year. A time to experience the Thames Angel (if were really lucky). whatever happens its a great day out for all. Who will miss the bus this time around eh!


Got a good picture, Send it in! Here are just a few sightings by our members whilst on their visits to the big smoke. There have been a catalogue of sightings every six years on the Thames. dating back to as early as 1666 – Have a look at the link for the history (good site, but a bit dull!) We are going to be developing an online gallery. COMING SOON!!!

Party Time

The OFFICIAL Summer party – What a ball, the sunshine was beating down and the atmosphere was electric, with dancing and the usual discussions on the Angel, the Annual THANGY Summer bash went down like a storm – thanks to Beryl and the team for a great venue. We hope that Terry got cleaned up ok! and roll on the Embankment visit in August!!

Latest sighting on the Thames

EUREKA – Spotted by James (July) This visit to the embankment delivered, what they came for – this rare sighting of the Angel of Promise. It was 3.30 pm. Weather was slightly overcast. The ferry was the bright yellow one that hails from Greenwich pier. After a packed day down at the Cutty Sark and Maritime Museum, browsing through the stalls at Greenwich market they stepped on to the ferry, bought a coffee and little did they know they would actually witness what could be the Angel of promise